Innovation, Passion, & Agility


Innovation may be the child of Necessity, but the other parent has got to be Play.

Invention Invention Invention


You can only make something amazing if you have the passion and belief in what you're doing.



Think fast. Move fast. Accuracy requires knowledge of the changing landscape.


Update as of September 2, 2014

I have just rolled off a contract at AT&T for an NDA project (on hold right now) that involves Big Data and a very personal and slick front end. I am known not only as an idea guy with an eye on future trends, but also as one who drives the project to completion while keeping team members from all disciplines engaged and happy along the way.

Key Expertise

  • Mobile Technology - My work experience involves managing native applications and mobile web apps, including responsive web design so that websites look great and perform well on all devices.
  • Video Player Technology - I’ve spent hundreds of hours of research and development into video players that play across multiple devices and browsers, as well as a strong passion for home theatre solutions.
  • Agile Methodology - I’ve served as both Scrum Master and Product Owner for multiple projects using both very strict Agile and loose interpretations to fit the need of the project.
  • Product Management - I love to conceive new products! I love to improve existing products. I love motivating a team to make the best product possible! This shows in the products I’ve had the pleasure in managing.
  • Team Dynamics - My general fondness for people and overall curiosity enables me to communicate and work well with people from all professional disciplines (creative, dev, marketing, QA) and from all cultures to build a close knit team with transparency and an instilled sense of shared responsibility.

My Next Splash

I’m looking for a project that not only requires innovation, but also delights in it. Often mobile technology invites pushing the envelope, but I would also be interested in any project that invites new technology, especially if it includes more video technology and/or social importance, such as education and medicine.